"Werevertumorro" (W2M), the cyber-phenomenon that brought fame to a group of young Mexicans who have been starring in a videoblog on YouTube, will hit the stage with a theater show based on the monologues and comic productions they have uploaded to the Internet.

The "Werevertumorro Show" will include eight events, starting this Saturday at the High Technology Pavilion in this capital, and followed by four more shows that have already sold out.

Gabriel Montiel, the originator of the concept, is still surprised by the impact of what started as an impulse and in which he later was joined by some of his friends with an eye toward sharing their comedic visions.

The group started with videos recorded with cell phones to make people laugh and little by little the members trained themselves as screenwriters, actors, directors, editors, musicians and singers, their representative, Octavio Gomez, told Efe.

The project has been running for almost five years on the Web, where it will continue, given that there the group has full freedom to express themselves as they want, according to the 21-year-old Montiel.

Along with his seven companions, this college student created colorful personalities like the "Mex-Men," which has become Mexico's most popular channel on YouTube.

The figures tallied by the W2M social networks indicate that the group has almost 2.5 million followers on Facebook and another 500,000 on Twitter, and their videos have been viewed more than 242 million times on YouTube.

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