An opponent of same-sex marriages filed suit in court Monday demanding the repeal of the New York state law authorizing such unions.

Rabbi Nathaniel Leiter joined the Revs. McGuire and Duane Motley of the organization New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms in filing the suit one day after the state of New York began to allow same-sex weddings.

The lawsuit questions the legality of the process that allowed the passing of the law on gay marriage in the New York Senate, the organization said.

On June 24, New York became the sixth U.S. state to allow marriage between individuals of the same sex, after a long legislative battle and a tense debate in the state Senate where the bill proposed by Gov. Andrew Cuomo prevailed by a vote of 33-29.

The lawsuit asserts that a number of errors were committed during the legislative process.

Among them they mentioned the suspension of normal voting procedures in the Senate, which blocked some senators from speaking who were against the measure, nor, they said, was there compliance with the rule that says a bill must be sent to the different committees before a vote is taken on it.

They also said that in an "unprecedented" way, city council members and the general public had no access to their elected representatives.

One of the senators who opposed the law during the voting, Democrat Ruben Díaz, told Efe that he was "in agreement with the lawsuit. There were many infractions that day. They didn't let me speak because the governor wanted the bill approved before eleven o'clock at night so it could be announced on the news. They violated all the rules," he said.

Díaz, a Protestant minister, also told Efe that on that day "they barred other senators from speaking who even though they supported the bill, wanted to explain their vote."

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