The oppressive heat is making it downright dangerous to be outside. Christine Persichette tells us how day camps are helping kids beat the heat.

When it's this hot and it's almost unbearable to be outdoors one Jersey City Day Camp doesn't sweat it. They just bring the fun inside.

Staying indoors is the name of the game at the Primary Prep Day camp in Jersey City.

We talk to Jovanie Gomez, a camper in Jersey City, who thinks the alternative to sweating it out outside is a great idea, "It's like fun- all these games."

Because when the sun beats down, everyone heats up.

"It's too hot outside- can't stand the heat!" said Gomez.

And when there's a heat wave and even the sprinkler doesn't cut it. Day campers get some relief indoors.

Gomez explains, "I feel like just staying inside with the A/C, it's too hot outside to be there."

When the heat is on- outdoor activities are called off. The camp alters its plans to keep the kids safe..

Angela Stevens is a camp counselor she shared her thoughts with us.

"I usually prepare for rainy days and heat waves butted to "..musical chairs, freeze dance, different fun games that we don't usually do on the regular days"

And of course they drink lots of water. But just ask the kids, even when it's hot, camp is still cool.

Camper Djeube Beye is quite alright with that.

"We learn how to play new games and make new friends," said Djeube.

Counselors say they make decisions on whether or not to bring the kids outdoors on a day to day basis, depending on the weather. In Jersey City, Christine Persichette, The Ten O' Clock News.

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