Mexican scientists are working on “Mex-One,” a humanoid robot that will be able to learn to walk, climb stairs and even play poker, his creators joke.

Mexone is said  to be the most advanced robot of its kind in Latin America, according to its creators at the Research and Advanced Studies Center of the National Polytechnic Institute of Mexico (Cinvestav - IPN). They believe its capabilities to be equal to that of robots built by Sony and Honda. Its production cost is estimated at about $100,000, about 15 times less than that of a similar robot being built in Boston.

Mexone is able to move its limbs and hold cards and other objects with its “fingers.” Two cameras provide it with “vision.”

At a press conference, Cinvestav’s Eduardo Bayro praised the possibilities that, long term, Mex-One’s open architecture makes possible. The project began a year ago, as a partnership between Cinvestav and the city of Guadalajara.

Translation by Fox News Latino.

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