A Spanish citizen going through hard times economically and who took part in the protests of the May 15th Movement has won 1.3 million euros ($1.9 million) in a lottery.

Online ticket-seller Serviapuestas said that the 34-year-old lucky winner, who had been signed up for the Loteria Primitiva (Original Lottery) since 2007 but opted out two months ago because of money problems, fortunately reactivated his participation last Thursday.

The new millionaire camped out for several days in Madrid's emblematic Puerto del Sol, the plaza occupied for a month by hundreds of citizens "indignados" (outraged) at Spain's political class, who were asking for more democracy and a shift away from economic austerity.

The drawing was held over the weekend, but the winner did not learn of his luck until Monday, being away from home all weekend taking part in the occupation of Puerta del Sol, which ended this morning before dawn.

"When we got in touch with the winner he couldn't believe it - we had to tell him to look at his account on the Serviapuestas Web site to verify that he was the lucky winner, and when we called him back, he still didn't believe it," company director Sascha Badelt said.

When the winner of a lottery is going through a difficult situation, "the joy is multiplied," Badelt said.

What's more, he said, the winner doesn't yet know what he will do with the money, though he's sure he will use it to start the business he has in mind and which he could never do up to now because he lacked the means.

Spain's unemployment rate is above 21 percent.