Andrés Moreno, who was considered to be the world's most obese man and who died of a heart attack on Christmas Day, had consumed large quantities of an energy drink in the three days prior to his demise, relatives said Monday.

"He drank more than six cans of energy drinks per day, according to what his family confirmed, but one supposes that [the cause of his death was more than that]," Dr. Jorge Ojeda, head of the intensive care unit at the Mexican American Hospital of Guadalajara, told EFE.

Ojeda, who treated Moreno several times, said the drinks can cause "tachycardia and serious arrhythmias" in anyone, and even moreso in obese people like Moreno, who had weighed as much as 977 lbs.

The doctor said that in the days prior to his death, Moreno is believed to have "had a problem with his wife, and this generated some emotional stress."

Nevertheless, he ruled out that Moreno committed suicide, saying rather that it was "more likely that he lost track of what he was drinking."

According to Gastric Bypass Mexico, which performed a weight-loss operation on Moreno, in his case – given his history of diabetes and heart problems – ingesting a quantity of energy drinks as he did was the equivalent of a not-overweight person drinking 42 cans of Coca-Cola in 72 hours.

Moreno died of a heart attack and problems associated with peritonitis on Christmas Day in Ciudad Obregón, in the northwestern state of Sonora, just two months after undergoing the weight-loss surgery.

Since the operation, at which time he weighed 710 lbs., Moreno, 38, had lost more than 132 pounds. 

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