Spain beat its own record for transplants, with 45 performed in a single day, the National Transplant Organization, or ONT, said Tuesday.

The new record was set last Thursday, a day that saw transplants of 26 kidneys, 10 livers, five hearts, three lungs and one pancreas.

Three of the heart transplants were done on patients who could have died if they hadn't receive the new organ immediately, while two of the liver surgeries were for patients in critical condition, the ONT, a unit of the Health Ministry, said.

The previous record was set on June 26, 2012, when 36 transplants were performed in 24 hours.

The solidarity of 14 families of deceased donors and of two living donors made it possible to carry out all 45 transplants in one day.

Participating in the different operations were 22 hospitals in 11 regions of Spain, while the ONT also had the collaboration of various public and private organizations.

Spain, thanks to a large transplant network and the solidarity of its citizens, has been the world leader in transplants for 22 straight years.

In 2013 it reached a rate of 35.12 donors per 1 million inhabitants with a total of 1,655 donors, which allowed 4,279 transplants to be performed. EFE