Damrong Maslae, owner of a street stall selling coffee and other brews, is ready to go to court against the multinational Starbucks, which accuses him of copying its logo.

"Starbung Coffee," as the stall is called that Damrong has run for almost three years, uses a round green emblem with white letters, with a star and crescent on either side, while against the round black background of the center, a man in a skullcap serves coffee with one hand and makes a victory sign with the other.

"A friend of mine created the logo using my last name, Bung," and several symbols of the Islamic religion, such as the color green and the star and crescent," the businessman, father of six children and a native of the southern province of Krabi, told Efe.

Last year the American firm demanded in writing that he change the logo, considering it a copy of the one it used from 1992 up to early 2011.

But faced with Damrong's perseverance, attorneys representing the multinational in Thailand decided in September to take the case to court. The first hearing will be held next Monday.

Starbucks is suing the stall operator and his brother, co-owner of the business, for 300,000 baht (more than $9,600) in compensation, and at an annual interest rate of 7.5 percent, plus court costs and other expenses, the Bangkok Post reported.

The Thai businessman said he will fight to the end to retain the brand name and logo of his coffee stall.

"I'm not going to run away and I don't have enough money to pay the fine. I'll go to jail if that's what the court decides," the 44-year-old businessman told Efe.

Damrong could face up to two years in prison if found guilty.

Starbucks operates nearly 21,000 coffee shops in 62 countries, with at least 171 stores in Thailand. Its total net revenues in fiscal year 2012 were $13.3 billion. EFE