Actresses Catherine Deneuve and Victoria Abril, together with some 100 celebs from the worlds of culture, politics and journalism, headed a public call in France on Tuesday for organ donations.

Launched to coincide with this Wednesday's celebration of the 9th World Day for Organ Donation and Transplantation, the declaration has signers agree to receive transplants and donate organs as a matter of "solidarity."

Actors Vincent Cassel and Omar Sy, actress-singer Jane Birkin, writer Marc Levy, and writer Amelie Nothomb all support the raising of public awareness promoted by the Transplantation Foundation.

The data offered by the organization, with figures from the biomedicine agency, indicate that since 2007 the number of people on organ waiting lists in France has increased five times more than the number of transplants performed.

Between 2011 and 2012, is says, there were 1,286 more people who needed a transplant, while only 78 additional operations were performed, for a total of 5,023.

And what the foundation finds the most "worrying" is that the refusal to donate organs in 2012 reached the highest level ever in France, chiefly due to the decision of people close to the would-be donor.

"If we're all willing to receive, we should all be willing to donate," the foundation said, while inviting people to share their opinions on the subject with their respective families, so that when the time comes, the decision taken by the donor while still alive is respected. EFE