Health authorities in the Brazilian capital reported Tuesday the death of a baby while at a hospital, apparently from a bacteria suspected of killing another five newborns in the past 12 days.

The deaths took place since March 28 at the Regional Hospital in the Brasilia suburb of Ceilandia, and doctors suspect that all were caused by the Serratia bacteria.

In every case the fatality was an infant just hours or days old, as occurred Tuesday with a child born last Sunday and who died in circumstances similar to the previous ones.

Another two babies are under observation out of concern that they might also have been infected from causes still not established.

Serratia is a bacillus that grows in liquids and on damp surfaces and that can cause illnesses ranging from conjunctivitis to serious liver and urinary-tract infections.

The Brasilia Health Secretariat said Tuesday that health experts have begun investigating Ceilandia Regional Hospital to check on its hygienic conditions and determine how the bacteria developed in the facility.

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