(Corrects misspelling of 'sextuplets' in headline)


A Mexican woman gave birth to four baby girls and two baby boys, whose condition is described as "unstable," at the Women's Hospital in Morelia, the Health Secretariat of the southwestern state of Michoacan said.

Hospital director Yara Pineda acknowledged that the health of the babies, born on Thursday, "is delicate because they are underweight, because of their lack of pulmonary development and because of all the complications associated with artificial respiration."

She also warned that if they survive, they could be in for some neurological, respiratory and/or cardiovascular problems.

The hospital said that the mother, Salud Romero Ruiz, a native of Morelia, capital of Michoacan, had to have her babies delivered by cesarean secton when she was 27 weeks pregnant since she was considered in a high-risk state of health.

Born in the surgical operation were four girls and two boys measuring around 30 centimenters (1 foot) long and weighing from 590 to 850 grams (1 1/4 to 2 pounds), which is why they are considered extremely premature.

The infants are hospitalized in intensive care, where they are given medication and all the treatment they need for a rapid improvement.

Pineda said that "the doctors caring for the minors are making every possible effort to keep them healthy and breathing by themselves." EFE