A 51-year-old woman in Brazil has given her daughter the ultimate gift by giving birth to her own grandchildren.

Latina housewife Maria da Gloria acted as a surrogate to her daughter Fernanda Medeiros, who had her uterus removed as a teenager but desperately wanted children of her own.

After two rounds of in vitro fertilization, on Monday da Gloria gave birth to twin girls named Emmanuel and Julia.

Delivered in Goiânia, Brazil through a caesarean birth, the girls arrived four weeks early but were completely healthy.  

According to capitalbay.com, although Medeiros married at age 20, she and her husband were not allowed to adopt children.

Surrogacy proved to be their only option at having a family, and with a willing participant in the form of her mother, at age 34 Medeiros’ dream finally became reality.

"I couldn't be happier," Medeiros told Portuguese news website G1.globo.com.

And Medeiros has every reason to be.

Forced to have her uterus removed at the age of 13, Medeiros feared she would never have children.

"At the time, it was so sad because I had always wanted to be a mother," Medeiros told G1.

After Medeiros and her husband were turned down for adoption, it was not until 2005 when she saw a TV program that the Brazilian’s hope of having a family was reignited.

In the show Medeiros saw the story about how a grandmother had given birth to her grandson through the IVF process.

Initially, doctors said the procedure would be too risky for Medeiros’ mother at her age. However, after tests revealed da Gloria was indeed healthy enough to carry a child, the six-year long process began.

Following a failed round of IVF, da Gloria finally became pregnant.

The birth was difficult in more ways than one as Medeiros’ mother, who already had given birth three times before, had to take hormones to start her menstrual cycle again. Her mother also had to lose 7 lbs.

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