The Venezuelan opposition asked the government to release the latest medical report on President Hugo Chavez, who is recovering in Cuba from an operation made necessary by the reappearance of his cancer, the location and type of which have never been made public.

The formal request was presented by the lawmaker and head of the Family Commission of the National Assembly, Dinorah Figuera of the Primero Justicia party, who expressed concern about the "contradictory reports" given by official spokespersons.

Figuera asked Vice President Nicolas Maduro for "the medical report issued by those doing the diagnosis, analysis and treatment of the president."

The request is made "with all the consideration of someone who has had a cancerous illness herself," said the legislator, who has suffered from the same disease for which Chavez was first diagnosed in Cuba in June 2011.

"We believe the Venezuelan people deserve an official, institutional report," Figuera said.

Lawmaker and general secretary of the Proyecto Venezuela party, Carlos Berrizbeitia, told Efe that Venezuelan and Cuban authorities "always tried to hide" Chavez's condition so that "irresponsibly, he might go to an electoral campaign as a sick man."

He said that with a doctors' report, "everyone would have known he was in no condition" to continue in the office he has occupied since 1999.

"Neither Venezuela nor the rest of the world has seen a medical report on the president's cancer," he said. EFE