At least seven people including one woman died after drinking adulterated liquor in a village of the Bihar region in northern India, police said Friday.

The incident occurred Thursday night in the town of Anitha in the Bhojur district, a police officer in the region told the Indian news agency IANS.

The officer said the victims began suffering strong stomach aches and vomiting after drinking the poisonous booze, adding that police were unaware of what had happened until Friday.

Intoxication from illegal alcoholic beverages is a relatively common occurrence in India's rural areas, usually among the poorer classes.

A year ago close to 170 people died and some 350 were hospitalized after buying and drinking adulterated homemade liquor in various establishments in the town of Sangrampur, in the eastern state of Bengala.

India's worst recorded case of mass intoxication from adulterated alcohol occurred in 1992 in the state of Orissa - in an incident similar to the one on Friday - which caused the death of 200 people. EFE