A 20-year-old woman injured in the human stampede at a giant Halloween party in the Spanish capital, died Thursday, medical sources told Efe.

Maria Teresa Alonso, who died as a result of "severe brain damage," becomes the fifth fatality from the incident at the Madrid Arena.

The other four victims were also young women.

Alonso had been in a coma since the incident.

Court sources said on Wednesday that the crowd of some 20,000 at the Madrid Arena during the Halloween party exceeded by 58 percent the venue's legal capacity.

Meanwhile, chief municipal building inspector Norberto Rodriguez said Thursday that in the face of the "inappropriate or reckless" use of the Madrid Arena due to an overly large crowd, "neither the technical code nor any other regulation can avoid accidents."

Rodriguez made his remarks before an investigatory commission created by the Madrid city government to determine responsibility in the tragedy.

The Madrid Arena had all necessary permits and the building's construction complied with the rules prevailing at the time it was built, the inspector said.

The tragedy, which caused a public outcry, resulted in the firing of a top municipal official, but the families of the victims are demanding justice. EFE