Vicente Fernandez Does Not Have Cancer, Biopsy Shows

Published November 06, 2012


Mexican singer Vicente Fernandez does not have cancer, according to the results of the biopsy performed on the lump removed last week from his liver, sources close to the artist told Efe on Monday.

The Ranchera music idol was operated on last week to remove the lump that doctors had detected on his liver several days earlier, an operation that forced him to cancel all his performances for the remainder of the year.

The sources told Efe that the 72-year-old artist is resting at a Houston hospital and is awaiting new tests that may explain the origin of the lump.

The news that "Chente" is not suffering from cancer was passed on Sunday evening by his son, singer Alejandro Fernandez, who shared the good news with fans at a performance in Guadalajara.

"Today I received good news, it's the best on the planet, they told us that the cyst is not malignant, that he's going to get better and everything's going to come out fine," said the singer, who added that he had been told that 95 percent of the time in cases like these "things work out badly."

"Do you know who made the 5 percent? God and faith and the love of all of you," he said. 

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