Colombian Vice President Angelino Garzon is making positive progress in his recovery following his release from hospital after suffering a stroke that kept him hospitalized for 22 days, a medical report said.

The note from La Sabana University Clinic, which has been overseeing his recovery, said that Garzon "has presented no related medical complications" and "tolerates the daily level of therapy."

It added that he also shows improvement "in muscular strength and motor control, and continues to make progress in communicating with others."

On Thursday after visiting Garzon, Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos hailed the lucidity of the vice president, whom he found in "good spirits, lucid, very well informed."

The president said that Garzon "has recovered much quicker" than he ever imagined, adding that the vice president continues with his therapy even as he resumes the duties of his office.

On July 6, Garzon was released from Reina Sofia Clinic in Bogota, where he stayed for 22 days after suffering a stroke.

Garzon had been hospitalized since June 14, apparently suffering from a prostate infection, but after several days there he suffered a stroke that affected several vital functions and for which he underwent an emergency operation.

Garzon, a former union leader, became vice president on the ticket with Santos after serving as Labor Minister in the 1998-2002 government of Andres Pastrana, and as ambassador to the United Nations in Geneva during Uribe's 2002-2010 tenure. EFE