Colombian Vice President Angelino Garzon, hospitalized at a Bogota clinic since June 14 with cerebral ischemia that led to a stroke, continues in "stable" condition "tending toward neurological improvement and in a process of comprehensive rehabilitation," the medical report said.

The report from the Reina Sofia Clinic indicates that the high government official remains in the intensive care unit, "conscious, without the need for artificial respiration and stable."

Garzon, 65, was placed on June 21 in a state of "induced coma" to avert possible damage to the area affected by the stroke, the mesencephalon, or midbrain, responsible for such vital functions as vision, hearing and motor control, according to the doctors.

The Colombian vice president was admitted to the clinic to be treated for a prostate infection but suffered a stroke after being hospitalized for several days.

This is Garzon's second serious health problem since being sworn-in as Colombian vice president on Aug. 7, 2010.

Two days after his inauguration he suffered cardiac pain, for which he had to undergo surgery that left him incapacitated for several weeks and which has kept him since then on a special diet. .

In recent months, Garzon traveled internationally, drumming up support for his ultimately unsuccessful candidacy to be head of the International Labor Organization, which led him to set aside his normal routine of regular medical checkups and a special diet.

Garzon, a respected former union leader, became vice president on the ticket with Juan Manuel Santos after serving as labor minister in the 1998-2002 Andres Pastrana government and ambassador to the United Nations in Geneva during the 2002-2010 presidency of Alvaro Uribe. EFE