Bogota Mayor Gustavo Petro, who underwent head surgery last week for the removal of clotted blood, will be back at work Monday, municipal government sources said.

Bogota's Health Secretary Guillermo Alfonso Jaramillo said in a communique that Petro "will resume his duties on Monday, June 25."

According to Jaramillo, the medical exams Petro had on Thursday produced satisfactory results.

"He had neurological testing that showed a normal result, and for that reason it was decided that starting next Monday he may return to his usual schedule," Jaramillo said.

He said that on doctors' recommendation the mayor will only be able to work a maximum of "between eight and 10 hours a day next week" and that, furthermore, he must avoid any physical or sports activities until there is confirmation that all his wounds have healed.

Meanwhile, Petro expressed on Twitter his gratitude for the support of so many while he was undergoing surgery.

"I'm fully recovering my health. I thank everyone who stayed with me during this difficult time," Petro, who was released from hospital on Monday of this week, said. EFE