Television star Amparo Grisales is putting the final touches on her book "Desafia la edad," in which the actress reveals her secrets for maintaining a spectacular figure after age 50.

In the book, the title of which means "Defy age" in English and which the well-known actress in the hit soap opera "Las Muñecas de la Mafia" hopes will be on bookstore shelves in three months, Grisales reveals her secrets, which, she says, have nothing to do with cosmetic surgery or so-called miracle creams.

According to Grisales, much admired for her youthful appearance and vitality, her goal "isn't superficial, cosmetic beauty, that some women seek with liposuction and surgeries. I'm looking for youth from the inside; it's not about seeing oneself as young, but being young," the artist, who will turn 55 in September, told Efe.

In the book, the "diva of Colombia" aims to share with her fans her philosophy of life based on holistically taking care of what she calls "this marvelous vessel which is the human body" not only physically, but also in mind and spirit.

"All my life I've been devoted to sports and good nutrition; that is my secret. The body responds not only to the nutrients we give it, but also to negligence and toxic elements," Grisales said, adding that the goal should not be to eternally look 18, but rather to feel well at any age.

"I've never considered myself pretty, but yes I can tell you that today I feel prettier and better, with more energy and vitality, than when I was 20," she said.