A Brazilian woman gave birth to a girl conceived through artificial insemination using her dead husband’s frozen sperm, Brazilian media is reporting today.

The baby’s father died of skin cancer last year, and his sperm had been kept frozen.

The mother, Katia Lernerneier, is expected to leave the hospital today in the southern city of Curitiba with her newborn daughter, who is in perfect health.

Lernerneier, a teacher, named her daughter Luisa Roberta, and said she looks a lot like her father, according to the morning show Bom Dia Brazil on Globo TV.

“She is our joy, her features are very similar to those of her father, and that makes the memory of him much stronger,” the mother said, adding that the birth of her daughter is helping her cope her grief.

“I experienced the painful death of my husband, so I know the important value of life,” she said.

The couple tried to conceive naturally for years, but was unsuccessful. They decided to freeze a sample of his semen to eventually attempt artificial insemination.

Since her husband had not left written authorization allowing his wife to continue treatment after his death, she had to go to court in order to get permission to use the frozen sperm.

Translated by Fox News Latino.

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