Who is Danny Garcia, or rather, who was he?

You might never have known the light welterweight from Philadelphia was the WBC champion. His last victory, before Saturday's destruction of former WBA champ Amir Khan - a very big name in boxing - was against a fading Erik Morales.

Garcia wore a tiger-stripe decorated outfit to the ring at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas that looked like the fabric from a bad bedspread. One of those accompanying him to the ring wore a floppy, furry hat with two earflaps. Fashion faux pas!

He's 24-0, but Garcia was still regarded as a steppingstone to a talked-about fight between Khan and Floyd Mayweather. Garcia doesn't even have a punchy nickname. It's "Swift."

But the boxing world knows Garcia now, especially after Garcia's nasty left hook floored Khan three times and forced a stoppage with 46 second left in the first round.

And Latinos know the Puerto Rican fighter now, too.

"All the Latinos around the world, I did this for y'all!" Garcia blurted out into Max Kellerman's HBO microphone after the fight.

"Maybe it's the green eyes, the light skin. I'm a pretty boy, baby!" Garcia said, adding he won for "all the Boricuas in Puerto Rico, that's my blood."

Garcia looked to be in trouble from the start of the fight. Khan was faster on his feet and with his punches, causing a cut to Garcia's face. The in the third round, Garcia caught Khan with a left hook under the chin. Khan went down for the first time.

Khan was lucky to get out of the round without being knocked down again.

HBO's Jim Lampley proclaimed the fight over at that point. But Khan refused to quit. Until the final knockdown, and the referee stopped the fight to Khan's visible dismay.

Garcia, at 24 years old, is the next big thing, it appears, in and around his weight class. He showed he could take punches and throw heavy blows that if they connect, even during an exchange, can make even the best opponents go down. Garcia seems to be in line for a much bigger payday from Golden Boy Promotions as he defends his titles.

Garcia is the second Latino boxer to score an upset victory this summer. Josesito Lopez fractured Victor Ortiz's jaw in Los Angeles, and went from fill-in status to a bout with Saul "Canelo" Alvarez in September.

It's a Cinderella Summer in boxing, and as fans, we can only hope it continues. No doubt it's good for the sport.