Aeromexico, Mexico's largest airline, will begin offering service Tuesday from Mexico City to San Jose, Costa Rica, using planes that burn a 25 percent biofuel mixture, the ASA airport network said.

The plane will use the biofuel mixture as part of the "Green Flights" project, which is designed to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases, ASA said.

A Boeing 737 will provide service on the route, the aviation agency said.

The plane will use a mixture of 75 percent conventional jet fuel and 25 percent synthetic paraffin biokerosene.

Aeromexico carried out its first transoceanic commercial flight using biofuels last month on the Mexico City-Madrid route.

Mexican officials have been working with agricultural and industrial interests for a year on the use of second-generation inedible plant oils that can be refined into biofuels for aircraft.

Mexico's aviation industry expects biofuels to account for 1 percent of the fuel used in 2015 and 15 percent by 2020.

The country will have to produce 40 million liters (10.5 million gallons) of aviation biofuel to meet the short-term goal and 700 million liters (185 million gallons) by 2020 to meet its long-term target.

The International Civil Aviation Organization, which has more than 130 members, plans to issue regulations on the use of aviation biofuels later this year.