A Florida company that offers support services to small businesses is also giving a voucher for an AK-47 assault rifle to new clients so that they can defend their businesses better against possible robbers.

The offer is part of a campaign that MerchantService.com has dubbed "No Merchant Victim," the aim of which is to help business-owners to "stand their ground against attack."

The company, based in Sarasota, sells businessmen automatic cash dispensers and credit card processing equipment for their businesses.

"Keep in mind we are not simply handing out AK-47 assault rifles to anyone who opens an account with us," Gino Kauzlarich, President of MerchantService.com,Inc., said in a press release.

"Instead, the merchant receives a voucher that can be used at any reputable gun shop where they must go through the proper background checks and waiting period that the law requires," Kauzlarich said.

The offer is for customers who contract with the firm for a service to cover them in various ways in the event of robbery, including replacing cash that might be stolen, the cost of hospitalization and an accidental death insurance policy.