Operations have been fully restored at Venezuela's Paraguana Refinery Center, or CRP, one of the world's largest, following an electrical failure and an explosion at a cracking unit, state-owned oil giant PDVSA said.

The problems stemming from a May 12 power failure at the CRP, which affected the complex's Cardon and Amuay refineries, have been fixed.

Meanwhile, a catalytic cracking unit at the Cardon facility was operating normally again after being out of service following an explosion Monday at one of its ovens.

Despite the problems at the CRP, which has the capacity to refine 940,000 barrels per day of petroleum, PDVSA said production had remained at more than 750,000 bpd.

A PDVSA spokesman told Efe that Monday's blast was "not serious" and caused no injuries or environmental impact.

A fire occurred on March 15 at the Amuay refinery but did not cause a shutdown, while in late 2010 PDVSA said both Amuay and Cardon were out of service due to torrential rains.

The CRP, located on the northwestern coast of Falcon state, houses the Amuay, Cardon and Bajo Grande refineries.