Paulina Galvez, who plays the detective Ana Karina in "RPM Miami" on cable television network Mun2, acknowledges that the series is a great challenge for her career because she has to speak both English and Spanish fluently - just like the audience watching the show.

The Chilean-born Galvez told Efe that playing Karina, a detective with a very strong character, makes her feel "bipolar."

"In this city (Miami, where the series is being filmed), young people mix the two languages, and those of us who are not organically bilingual feel a little bipolar," she said.

Galvez was born in Santiago of a Chilean mother and a Spanish father.

She began her career as a flamenco dancer in Spain, where she appeared with some of the great artists of the genre like Joaquin Cortez. But while she loved dancing, she itched to act and eventually went on to become an actress.

"It was hard to stop dancing, but a lot of people don't take you seriously if you say you're a dancer and an actress. That's why I decided to focus on one thing at a time," she said.

"Acting fulfills me in other ways, because it puts you inside the skin of another person, someone perhaps every different from yourself. And you learn, because each character leaves something with you."

Regarding the part she plays in "RPM Miami," she said that it forces her to be more analytical, something of a switch because in general she is a person who very much follows her heart.