Lin-Manuel Miranda, best known for writing and starring in the Broadway musicals "In the Heights" and "Hamilton," made an appearance on Comedy Central's show "Drunk History" this week. 

The show, which originated as a web-series, asks inebriated notable people to retell a story from history books for the camera, which is then filmed with actors with the drunken narration as a soundtrack.

So guess which story the charming, giggly Miranda re-told?

Of course, it was about the lifelong rivalry between Secretary of the Treasury Alexander Hamilton, the subject of Miranda's play, and Thomas Jefferson's vice-president, Aaron Burr, which ended with Burr killing Hamilton in a duel.

Alia Shawkat and Aubrey Plaza play the political rivals on the "Drunk History" re-enactments.


The full episode narrated by Miranda is available at the Comedy Central site.

Before moving to the cable network in 2014, "Drunk History" was part of the "Funny or Die" web series. The first episode in 2007 told the story of the Hamilton-Burr duel. Michael Cera and Jake Johnson starred as the antagonists in that version.