"El Gordo" is not so "gordo" any more.

The host of the Univision’s morning show, “El Gordo y la Flaca” ("The Fat Man and the Skinny Woman"), Raúl de Molina revealed that he has lost nearly 50 pounds in four months – without any surgery or pills. Just dieting.

“I went on vacation to Vancouver with my daughter Mia, and when we returned, I noticed that I had gained too much weight,” de Molina told People en Español.

De Molina’s weight has been an ongoing issue for the TV host, who revealed he had lost nearly 90 pounds in 2009 thanks to the South Beach Diet.

However, it seemed like he gained the weight back since then, and, after his vacations with his daughter, he got back to work.

He said that his daughter helped to motivate him, enthusiastically pushing him to lose the pounds.

“I am eating very healthfully with salads and vegetables in every meal,” de Molina said. “I eat about every three hours to keep my metabolism working. I include protein shakes, and I can’t skip my exercise – at least an hour a day.”

He admitted that his biggest weakness is a sweet tooth. To help not succumb, he drinks an espresso without sugar to satisfy his appetite. He also incorporates smoothies and protein bars from Slim Fast – for which he will soon shoot a TV commercial.

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