Miley Cyrus Concert In Dominican Republic Canceled By Government On Moral Grounds

Published August 22, 2014

| Fox News Latino

Apparently the Dominican Republic is a no-twerk zone. At least where singer/outrager Miley Cyrus is concerned.

She has been deemed morally indefensible by the same government that once supported a tyrant responsible for the deaths of as many as 50,000 people.

A September 13 concert in the capital of Santo Domingo was canceled by the commission that oversees public performances for the express reason that Cyrus often "undertakes acts that go against morals and customs, which are punishable by Dominican law," according to a statement released Thursday. 

Tickets ranging from $27 to $370 for the concert in the capital have been on sale since July.

Rafael Trujillo was one of the bloodiest dictators in the Western Hemisphere. Many deaths are attributed to his armed forces during the 31 years in power, including a massacre in October 1937 of some 5,000 Haitian immigrants.

Some of Cyrus's onstage antics might have made even Trujillo blush.

Although it wasn't specifically cited by the commission, Exhibit A in the prohibition might have been Cyrus' performance at the Video Music Awards last September. While performing "Blurred Lines" with Robin Thicke, the one-time Disney Channel star gave Thicke a lap dance, twerked up to him and did things with a foam finger that football fans had never thought of.

A representative for Cyrus did not immediately respond to a request for comment. Concert organizers in the Dominican Republic did not comment on the ban.

The commission in the past has banned songs it considers vulgar from the airwaves, including some by Calle 13 of Puerto Rico.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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