The British duo Pet Shop Boys put on a sizzling performance over the weekend at the Cap Roig Music Festival in northeastern Spain.

The Brits, taking the stage amid a set decor denoting a grand international event, revisited much of their career and took the audience through all the different rhythms they have played in becoming legends of contemporary music.

The video of "Axis," a song from their latest album, served to open fire at Cap Roig, with Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe presenting a show divided into four acts - an introduction, a tribute to musicals and dance, a third showing how far their creations can take electronic music, and the last dedicated to their great classics.

The stage design, a key part of their performances, brought on once more the dancing minotaurs with "West End Girls," one of the numbers that goes back to the 1980s and which Tennant and Lowe mashed up with "Fluorescent," a number on their latest disc.

The Pet Shop Boys were in any case guaranteed to make a hit at Cap Roig considering the millions of discs they have sold throughout their career.

The Britons, at present totally involved in their "Electric" tour, arrived in Cap Roig from the Spanish cities of Marbella and Gijon after previously appearing in other countries around Europe, while on the horizon are more concerts in Belgium, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Denmark and Ireland, then a quick return to Britain before taking off for Asia.

Elton John kicked off the Cap Roig Festival on July 4 and on Friday the Pet Shop Boys shared the stage with members of another British band, Placebo.

James Blunt, Bryan Adams and Barbara Hendricks will round out the international program, while the Spanish side will feature such top attractions as Luz Casal, David Bisbal, Dani Martin, Sergio Dalma and Antonio Orozco. EFE