Creativity and innovation are essential for an artist's success, Colombian singer-songwriter Juanes told Efe as he was preparing for his next world tour.

Juanes took part Thursday in an event with music students in Palm Beach, north of Miami, showing them how he and his band get ready for their upcoming concerts in Colombia and Mexico featuring songs from his new disc "Loco de Amor."

About the production of this new tour, the singer told the young people, between ages 17 and 25, that "this show is very creative" since the stage set will try to give "a three-dimensional effect through the use of several backdrops."

All this will be enriched with the graphics of well-known Colombian designer Nicolas Achury, and with the participation of Belgian "videodeejay" Alain Corthout, who will accompany the singer in all his concerts.

"I'm very pleased with that because this is not your normal show. This is what I'm doing now, I love to innovate and do things that are different," he said.

According to Juanes, "creativity" is essential in his everyday work to achieve a "connection with the music," and that's what he has been doing throughout his musical career of over 26 years.

"Creativity is the connection with who you really are. That is expressed in the music and that is what I've hung onto the whole time," the Colombian singer, 41, told Efe before speaking to a score of students from the University of Miami and Florida Atlantic University.

The event was part of the series of conferences "Grammy U Soundchecks," organized by The Recording Academy to provide new, practical knowledge for talented young musicians. EFE