‘Jenny from the Block’ is returning to the Bronx!

Jennifer Lopez has teamed up with State Farm for its launch of its summer concert series in her native New York neighborhood.

The 44-year-old singer will bring it home June 4 on Orchard Beach in Pelham Bay Park.

“I feel humbled and honored to be doing the first concert in the Bronx,” Lopez said in a release. “I am very excited to return home and give the people and the community that inspired me a great show. Of all the summer days I spent in Orchard Beach, this will be one to remember!”

The first in a series of concerts, State Farm Neighborhood Sessions is having some of the biggest names in music give “thanks” to the neighbors and communities that inspired them first.

JLo, a mother of two, has recently been returning to her hometown to help promote women and children’s health. She has shared several photos on Instagram of the house she grew up in and images from a visit to a Bronx medical center. 

The Lopez Family Foundation, which she founded, recently launched a “Center for a Healthy Childhood” initiative.

“My roots are in the Bronx,” Lopez said in a release. “For me, it makes sense to join efforts with Montefiore, an organization that has taken care of and served the Bronx for more than 100 years. Our foundation had done a great job to better the health and welfare of children around the world, and now we have decided to expand our reach into the neighborhood in which I grew up.”

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