Demi Lovato sure knows how to protect her man – or at least call out those she believes are wronging him.

The 21-year-old singer shared a tweet Wednesday seemingly in response to a The Daily Beast article about boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama titled, “Why Women Want Hollywood Lothario Wilmer Valderrama.”

“@thedailybeast such a classy ‘news site’ you are,” Lovato tweeted. “Writing horrible things about people you know NOTHING about. Get a LIFE you ignorant f—ks.”

The “Neon Lights” singer was seemingly referencing the unflattering article by The Daily Beast that claimed Valderrama, 34, was “so culturally irrelevant, he relies on the commodification of his young girlfriend's body in order to re-enter the current celebrity conversation!”

The blogger also made reference to the recent leaked bedroom photos of the couple, slightly suggesting Valderrama was behind the leak as his career could get a boost from them. The blogger goes on to call his career as modest at best and relies on dating beautiful Hollywood stars to stay relevant because he lacks an appeal for the masses.

The article also speaks of the sexual confessions he’s ever made about his previous celeb girlfriend – claiming taking Mandy Moore’s virginity, giving Jennifer Love Hewitt a sex rating of eight out of 10, sharing Lindsay Lohan was a big fan of waxing and did not have breast implants and calling Ashlee Simpson “a screamer.”

“Despite his obvious eccentricities and general aura of grossness, Wilmer Valderrama has somehow convinced a bunch of beautiful women to fall in love with him, and he doesn’t show signs of stopping any time soon,” the article reads.

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