Concerts by the British group Placebo, the Mexicans Zoe and Belgians 2manydjs wrapped up the Vive Latino festival in the Mexican capital after four days of performances by almost 200 bands from around the world.

The final act on Sunday was the band from Belgium led by the brothers David and Stephen Dewaele, who got everyone up and dancing that had stayed to the end of this fourth day of music at what is considered one of Latin America's great festivals.

Zoe presented for the first time in the Mexican capital the songs from their last disc, "Programaton," along with past hits with signature rhythms like "Love" and "Via Lactea."

The Mexicans came on after the British group Placebo, one of the most anticipated of the day, which rocked the festival venue with such numbers as "Every You Every Me", "Blind" and "Exit Wounds".

Earlier in the day the Chilean group La Ley had their turn, meeting and greeting the Chilean public after nine years away with some of their all-time recorded classics.

The band led by Beto Cuevas vocalized songs like "El Duelo," "Día Cero," "Un Nuevo Dia," "Prisioneros de la Piel" and "Doble Opuesto."

Other acts on other stages included Mexico's Julieta Venegas, the Argentine Fito Paez and Spanish band La Bien Querida.

The 15th Vive Latino festival began last Thursday and for the first time the event went on for four days, during which a total of 173 bands from different parts of the world entertained the crowds that came to see them. EFE