Out Among The Stars," a disc that country music singer Johnny Cash recorded in the 1980s but which was never released until now, goes on sale Tuesday more than a decade after the artist's death.

Cash's record label at the time, Columbia Records, had no interest in releasing the album 30 years ago and the material was shelved until the musician's only son, John Carter Cash, found it in his father's files in Nashville.

Produced by Billy Sherrill, 12 songs make up "Out Among The Stars," including duets by Cash with Waylon Jennings and with his wife, June Carter.

When "the man in black," as Cash (1932-2003) was also known, recorded this album in 1981 and 1984, he was not doing well.

Following his commercial success in the 1960s and '70s, his popularity had sunk by the early 1980s to the lowest levels of his career - his style began to seem a little old-fashioned to many and soon afterwards Columbia terminated his contract.

Meanwhile the singer had relapsed into drug addition. He went into rehab in 1983, and it was there he wrote "Came to Believe," one of the songs on the "Out Among The Stars" album.

"Out Among The Stars," at any rate, is not being released exactly as Cash left it, because it was unfinished. EFE