The energy and sensuality that Ricky Martin and Jennifer Lopez radiate in their first video with Wisin won "Adrenalina" more than 10 million viewers in the first week of its debut.

The music video was filmed several weeks ago in Miami under the direction of Jessy Terrero to accompany a number that is planned to be included in Wisin's new disc, "El Regreso del Sobreviviente," which goes on sale March 18.

"I feel honored and very thankful to have created this as a work by Jennifer, Ricky and me. It's something very big that is reaching a worldwide audience," Wisin said in a statement.

The chemistry among the three artists - all three of Puerto Rican origin - was "magic," Wisin said.

"And I know people will find this great energy contagious, this adrenaline" of a Latin electronic number that is so in the Miami mood, the singer said.

As in other JLo productions, the video has no lack of street chases, bare skin and seductive garb, an underground atmosphere and the final clandestine revelry, though on this occasion the appearance of Ricky Martin gives it a somewhat different touch and ratchets up the video's sexual tension.

The song "Adrelina" was written by Wisin, Gocho and Chris Jeday and began to be heard internationally on radio stations last Feb. 24.

Wisin had previously launched the first single from the album, "Que Viva la Vida," which made No. 1 spot on Billboard's Latin Airplay list. EFE