Puerto Rican reggaeton singer Yandel recorded the first salsa song of his career when doing the remix of the tune "En la Oscuridad" with compatriot and famed salsa star Gilberto Santa Rosa.

"En la Oscuridad," composed by Jean Rodriguez, had Yandel and Santa Rosa singing together - the former described it "an honor" that the salsa star accepted his invitation to take part.

"For me, he's the best interpreter of salsa there is and 'En la Oscuridad' is a great song. I'm really enthusiastic and eager to share the final work, since we only finished recording the voices yesterday," Yandel said in a statement.

The original number was included in Yandel's latest disc, "De Lider a Leyenda," which he launched last November and which was his first as a soloist in 10 years of working with Wisin, who remains his duo partner.

Santa Rosa, for his part, described working with Yandel as "a privilege."

"It's always very refreshing to do something new and this new song of Yandel's is just that from beginning to end. Working in this duo was a lot of fun and I'm sure the public will be surprised by the final result," Santa Rosa said.

Yandel's new production includes collaborations with his brother Gadiel, as well as with artists like Daddy Yankee, J. Alvarez and Don Omar, with whom he recorded "Enamorado de Ti." EFE