Peruvian authorities are looking for the person who sprayed graffiti with an aerosol paint can on the iconic Twelve-Angle Stone in the southern city of Cuzco, media outlets said Monday.

The stone is part of a wall along the Hatun Rumiyoc passageway in the historical center of Cuzco, capital of the ancient Inca Empire, and is noteworthy because it is the only one with 12 angles in that structure.

Pictures released by the media show that unknown persons used an aerosol can of brown paint to scrawl what looks like three letters some 40 centimeters (16 inches) high.

Sources at the Culture Ministry told Efe Monday that the paint is now being cleaned off the stone.

Specialists use a biodegradable gel to dilute the paint and avoid greater damage to the stone, the press said.

A surveillance videocamera caught the moment when a person sprayed the letters JHK on the stone, Cuzco regional prosecutor Gloria Escalante told the daily El Comercio.

The prosecutor has launched investigations to identify the person who committed this crime against national cultural heritage, which is punishable by between three and six years in jail. EFE