After several years of using his music and voice to raise awareness about a number of social causes, Colombian singer Juanes now leaves such matters aside to sing of love.

"There came a time when it happened to me, that I forgot who I really am and I was getting bogged down...I'm very interested in those causes, but I'm a musician and I'm here because ever since I was little I've been playing the guitar and singing and I love that," that artist told a press conference in Mexico City.

So while he still enjoys the power of music and art to "help people afflicted by different problems," such subjects are not a part of his new album, "Loco de Amor."

"What I imagined was to see love through a prism and be able to distinguish the different paths" this feeling could take, Juan Esteban Aristizabal said.

This is his sixth studio disc and a work that "comes after learning a lot about some very good things and some that are very bad," after which "a moment of enlightenment" came over him.

Though his new songs no longer deal with social subjects, Juanes remains enthusiastic about his charitable foundation, whose results, he said, "are very positive, and they make you see that, yes, it's possible" to have a positive impact on the life of a person, not only through institutions but in daily life. EFE