Cuban-American actor William Levy said that growing up without the support of a father he learned what his children need from him, an experience that also helped him prepare for his role in the movie "The Single Moms Club."

"I grew up with my single mom and never had a dad to look up to. Fortunately or unfortunately, that taught me some very good things and I learned what my kids need from me," the actor, father of two, Christopher and Kailey, said in an interview with Efe.

His personal experience helped him see life from "the viewpoint of a single mom" who "doesn't have a man to protect her or help her out when she needs it."

The popular heartthrob of telenovelas was able to bring that experience to the film "The Single Moms Club," which, starting March 14, will introduce audiences to five very different women who share the experience of being single mothers with all the troubles that entails.

Levy praised the work of producer, screenwriter and director Tyler Perry for making moviegoers feel personally involved by "bringing very real situations" to the big screen.

In "The Single Moms Club," the star of "La Tempestad" plays Manny, an attractive waiter who works at a Mexican restaurant while carrying on a love affair with Esperanza, a character played by Colombian actress Zulay Henao.

The two represent the Latino couple of a movie that, while being a comedy, ends up being a tribute to single mothers.

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