The Spanish documentary "Fiz. Puro Maraton" and the Argentine film "El Otro Maradona" have been screened at the 1st International Sports Film Festival in Oaxaca city, the capital of the like-named southern Mexican state.

The festival, which runs until Tuesday, includes 29 films in seven different languages.

The festival will award prizes for the Best Feature Film and in other categories at its conclusion, the director of the event, Alexanderson Bolaño, told Efe.

The film stories of Spanish marathon runner Martin Fiz and Goyo Carrizo, a childhood companion of Diego Armando Maradona on the Los Cebollitas soccer team, were screened on the first day and a second screening has been scheduled, Bolaño said.

The festival seeks to recognize and promote films with sports themes and for its first edition has collected a very representative sample of such works from various cultures, he added.

The festival, which is being held at Carl Rogers University Center, will present films in German, Korean, Spanish, French, English, Polish, Portuguese and Swedish.

"We received 40 films (and) we're left with 29 for the festival. Those which were excluded did not meet quality parameters. We have films from Sweden, Germany, the United States, France, Brazil, Argentina and Spain," Bolaño said.

Among the other films to be shown are the Korean work "Roman, Greco Roman" by Bongkeun Kwon; French film "Open Walls" by Michael and Nicolas Arribehaute; the English film "The Equestrian" by Sybil H. Mair; and Sweden's "Fore Finalen," by Mark Omanovic. EFE