Actor Pierce Brosnan, with his look of the eternal James Bond, gave a dash of his own personal style to the Berlin International Film Festival, also known as the Berlinale.

Getting to play James Bond was a gift, Brosnan said, it was a unique opportunity that opened the door to an international career. He loves acting, he said, and celebrates every role he has played before or after 007.

The actor is attending the Berlinale with his movie "A Long Way Down."

Brosnan appeared before the media together with director Pascal Chameil, leading lady Toni Collette and other members of the team.

Fame comes and goes; they say it's a trap, but it's not so easy to fall into, the actor said.

"A Long Way Down," based on the bestseller of the same name by Nick Hornsby, is all about four people who are tired of living and who meet on the roof of a building in London on New Year's Eve.

Whether to throw themselves off the roof or not is the question they all have in common, and who, without being at all alike in age, social standing or individual problems, agree to "endure" life together until Valentine's Day before deciding whether or not to take the step from which there is no coming back. EFE