Danish film director Gabriel Axel, who won an Oscar in 1988 for "Babette's Feast," has died, his family said Monday. He was 95.

Axel was the first Danish moviemaker to win an Oscar for best foreign language film, thanks to his adaptation of the novel of same name by writer Isak Dinesen.

Born in Aarhus, Denmark in 1918, Axel grew up in Paris, where his father had a furniture factory, and later returned to his homeland to train to be an actor in the Royal Danish Theater.

After working as an actor in France and performing in several theater works for Danish public television, Axel made his debut as a film director in 1955 with the social drama "Altid ballade."

That was the first of 20 films he directed, the last of which was "Leila" in 2001.

His greatest success came with "Babette's Feast," which Pope Francis has identified as his favorite film. EFE