Top officials of the world's main television networks began meeting Monday in Miami to analyze the trends and new formats in their industry and are focusing their attention on "the great growth" in the Latin American market.

For three days, the National Association of Television Programming Executives fair will host the most outstanding figures in a sector worth billions and in which the pirating of content is one of the main concerns.

The fair is focusing on Latin America, which is experiencing huge growth in audiovisual production at all levels, according to the leaders of Colombia's RCN television and Spanish production company Secuoya.

"This fair is going to be very successful for us because customers have shown a great deal of interest in our entire catalog. We're bringing new products for different publics," Lina Waked, the director of international sales for RCN, told Efe.

Carlos Benito, the head of international development for Secuoya, told Efe that the Spanish firm has seen in Latin America a business opportunity to cement alliances with local companies.

"Their economies are growing, the market for advertising is growing and milestones are being produced that we identify as opportunities, like the development of TDT technology and the new licenses for private television. So, we believe we can contribute," the executive for Secuoya - which has produced series such as "Vive cantando" and "Españoles por el mundo" - said. EFE