Five decades of composing and more than 500 songs written are the balance of a life in which Victor Manuel has had "great hits and great fiascos," after which there are still songs to be written because "you never lose the urge to create," he told Efe in an interview Friday.

To celebrate his half-century as a songwriter, Manuel will offer the concert "Fifty Years is Nothing" on Sept. 12 in the northern city of Oviedo.

He will be accompanied onstage at the event by such friends as Joan Manuel Serrat, Joaquin Sabina, Miguel Rios, Miguel Bose, Jorge Dexler and others, and of course by his wife, Ana Belen.

During the concert, these celebrities of Spanish music will perform hits from the long career of the composer of "Solo Pienso en Ti," an experience that Manuel hopes will be similar to the one in 1994 when he recorded with some of these singers the disc "Mucho Mas que Dos."

Of his early days he remembers that "it was all so uncertain and I knew so little about life and music."

"In the process you go on writing songs that at first are horrible, then you see that you're improving a little, almost without realizing it, until the moment comes when you really feel comfortable with what you're doing, and you start singing and composing with conviction," Manuel said.

He said that the present day is much worse for music than 50 years ago, because then there were great expectations. "What there is now," he said, "is a black hole, and how deep it is, nobody knows. Previously there were also many people who couldn't live off of music, but then they weren't as qualified as now." EFE