The audience at a Marc Anthony show in Los Angeles got the unique opportunity to be part of a “fan-made” music video of his hit song “Vivir Mi Vida.”

During his Sept. 9 concert last year, the crooner asked fans to videotape the performance of his song because maybe they would make it a video.

“Film it any way you want,” Anthony can be heard saying at the beginning of the video. “Just film it and you might see yourself in the video.”

Clips from fans singing and dancing are intertwined with footage of the singer on stage. The result is a montage from videos taken from several dozen concert-goers.

On Thursday, Anthony revealed the video on Twitter and thanked fans for their contributions.

“I’m so grateful for my wonderful fans! Thanks to your contributions, this Vivir Mi Vida Fan Video has been possible…,” he wrote.

The Puerto Rican’s song from his album “3.0” took recording of the year at the Latin Grammy Awards last year and favorite Latin artist at the American Music Awards.

“Incredible, incredible,” he said at the Latin Grammys. “This means so much because I am living through a special time. The lyrics of the song express that.”

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