Juan Pablo Galavis is planning on getting down on one knee at the end of season 18 of ABC's “The Bachelor,” but before he can do that, he needs to weed through the 27 women vying for his love until he finds “the one.”

During part two of the premiere on Monday night, the 31-year-old Venezuelan-American hunk finally got to meet the women but not before getting some advice from the last “Bachelor,” Sean Lowe: Do not kiss a girl in front of the others.

“You’re going to develop strong feelings for more than one person at one time,” Lowe told him. “You’re going to freak out a little bit. The only think I could do is trust my gut.”

After Galavis gathered himself, the single father began to meet the contestants and, boy, are some of them interesting.

Lauren Soloman, 27, opted out of riding in a limo and instead wheeled a piano into the mansion’s courtyard to play a classical prelude to their introduction – after which she forgot to tell him her name.

Lucy Aragon,a 24-year-old from Santa Barbara, Calif., showed up barefoot and described her occupation as “free spirit.”

Claire Crawley, 32, exited the limo with a pillow stuffed in her dress, pretending to be pregnant. A shocked Galavis did not catch onto the joke right away, which made for a very awkward exchange.

And while Galavis tried to make the introductory night less awkward – he threw a small dance party and had a photo booth for the girls – it did not prevent interesting moments from popping up during the course of the evening.

One such moment came from Amy J. (contestants on the show don't always reveal their last names), a massage therapist, who made him strip down for an impromptu massage during their one-on-one time.

“That was pretty awkward,” Galavis told the camera afterwards.

Who cried first? That booby prize went to Lauren H., who was left by an ex-fiancée not long ago and was one of the last ones to get alone time with Galavis, broke down 90 minutes into the episode. Eventually she did meet him and cried again afterward.

Galavis presented the “first impression” rose signaling initial attraction to Sharlee Joynt, who reluctantly accepted despite confessing in a testimonial that she did not feel much of an “insta-connection” with him.

Eventually Galavis cut nine of the women. Perhaps unsurprisingly that list included Amy J., Lauren H. and Claire Crawley. 

“The Bachelor” returns Sunday night with an episode showing extended footage of the woman after the first rose ceremony and of Galavis crashing fan viewing parties.

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