The French city of Strasbourg is hosting a photographic exhibition this week titled "Complicities. Diego and Frida," which includes 35 images of iconic Mexican artists Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera.

The show, organized by the Mexican Foreign Relations Secretariat and the Permanent Office of the Council of Europe, features images from Mexico's National Anthropology and History Institute and the National Fine Arts and Literature Institute.

The exhibition provides visitors with a window into "the complicities shared by the two artists," who "were not only lovers, a couple, militants and painters, but were also behind an entire generation of change in modern Mexico," former Diego Rivera Research Center director Magdalena Zavala said.

Half of the photographs are by unknown authors, while the rest are signed by Agustin V. Casasola, Jose Maria Lupercio, Hugo Brehme, Tina Modotti, Enrique Diaz, Lucienne Bloch, Ismael Casasola, Louis Riley, Esther Born and Nacho Lopez. EFE