Cuban-Mexican actress and singer Lis Vega told Efe that she misses Mexico, though she also adores the Caribbean atmosphere of Miami where she is currently based, and consequently has her heart divided.

"I love being with my Caribbean people here in Miami, but I confess I miss Mexico and my fans there, so I feel my heart is in both places at once," Vega told Efe in a telephone interview.

Vega, who wed Chilean actor Mauro Rivero 10 years ago, said she feels very blessed and next year she wants to start having children.

"We're thinking of settling in Miami. I'm in love, I want to start a family next year and get back to certain things," she said.

Among the things she wants got get back to is her career as a singer, which she kicked off in 2012 with the number "Esto Ya No Me Gusto," a single from the disc "Fiesta Tribal Volumen 2," a collection of songs by such bands as Pesado and Los Horoscopos de Durango, among others.

The actress, who played the part of Lissette Guerrero in the Telemundo production "Santa Diabla" with a cast including Gaby Espino, Ximena Duque, Aaron Diaz and Carlos Ponce, also said she's thrilled with the reception viewers have given both the telenovela itself and the character she plays.

"I'm happy to perform for my public once more with this Telemundo superproduction 'Santa Diabla.' I love my role and I know that the incredible Hispanic audience in the United States will connect with me in this telenovela," the actress said about the series, which premiered last August.

The actress, who has been a cover girl on Playboy magazine, has appeared in more than a half-dozen telenovelas. EFE