U.S. actor John Malkovich honored his late Puerto Rican colleague Raul Julia by including the latter's sons among the models for his "Technobohemian" fashion collection at the Museum of Art in this capital.

Raul and Benjamin Julia, the sons of Raul Julia (1940-1994), were some of the celebrities invited by Malkovich to appear on the runway Saturday.

"I can't speak much about how Raul was as a person, but we both participated in a theater work. It was moving for everyone when he died. Raul was a great talent and inspiration who has left a beautiful testament in his sons," Malkovich told reporters.

The theater piece Malkovich and Julia appeared in was "The arms and the man" (1985), which played at New York City's Circle.

Malkovich played the role of "Bluntschli," while Julia played "Sergius" in the work, which ran for 109 performances from May 30 through Sept. 1, 1985.

Other outstanding figures who took to the fashion runway were Ian Barford, Tom Irwin, Julian Sands, well-known stylist Rodney Cutler, the winner of a Tony Award and director of the project Stephen Eich, Mexican filmmaker Jorge Roig and photographer Sandro Giulimondi.

Also on hand were Puerto Rican artists Jaime Mayol, Chucho Avellanet, Angel "Cucco" Peña and his same-named son, sculptor Antonio Martorell, Vivanativa singer Javier Gomez and film director Jochi Melero.

Malkovich presented his "Technobohemian" collection for the first time in Latin America after taking it to key European cities such as Milan and Paris.

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